Juniper Street Garage – “The Lift”

Location: Philadelphia, PA

O'Donnell & Naccarato provided a feasibility study to determine the structural ramifications of major renovations to the existing 9-level, 56,000 SF parking structure. The existing building consisted of two, cast-in-place concrete towers separated by an open atrium; and the proposed renovations included a new roof structure covering the top level and atrium, new cladding and louvers at the perimeter of the building, remediation of deteriorated concrete, and new mechanical lift equipment in the atrium space to accommodate an automated parking system.

Following the completion of the feasibility study, it was determined that the structure could be reinforced to allow for the installation of a new vehicular lift system. O’Donnell & Naccarato worked with Cope Linder Associates to prepare the design and documentation for the restoration and improvements required, and the garage was opened as the first public fully automated parking facility in Philadelphia.