Temple University Tyler Campus

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Architect: Carlos Jimenez/H2L2 joint venture

O'Donnell & Naccarato provided structural engineering design services for the 240,000 SF Temple University Tyler Mini Arts Campus, directly adjacent to existing construction which required creative solutions to avoid underpinning with the foundation system all while keeping the existing facilities open. The most prominent element is the 30' cantilever of the second floor. This area is supported by a series of 5' deep cantilevered trusses at the roof elevation with the second floor hung from these trusses. Another 15' overhang on the west side of the building features a series of cantilevered transfer girders supporting columns that extend up two stories to support the roof.

The main floor of the building has a 22’ floor-to-floor height to allow for high ceilings in exhibition spaces. In addition, the main entry and the “interior street” are double height spaces with ceilings approximately 40’ above. Multiple tube steel girts support these multistory brick and curtain wall façades. The first floor also contains a large diamond shaped cut-out near the south curtain wall face to allow natural light into the basement gallery space. The structure above the first floor supports a hanging substructure for a series of aircraft cable hooks to allow for sculpture display. The design also includes a partial mezzanine as well as rooms equipped with hoist cranes. There is grand monumental stair in the main lobby that contains multiple cantilevered landings. A second monumental stair in the main gallery cantilevers through a building expansion joint.