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O’Donnell & Naccarato offers four decades of award-winning structural engineering design to garage owners, developers, & operators. With over 400 garage projects, our vast experience in designing new garages provides us with an understanding of how to repair them, and our knowledge of reoccurring issues within garages has led to the improved design of new garages.

Our in-house restoration team has extensive experience with structural systems of all types and complexities. Our restoration staff holds leadership roles on several national professional organizations focusing on parking garages, assessment of concrete, and design of concrete repair. Our team utilizes this specialized knowledge and skill to investigate each garage’s unique structure.

For your parking structure, O’Donnell & Naccarato will provide a structural condition assessment to determine the current condition of your garage, identify and record deterioration that requires repair and maintenance, and develop a written report in compliance with the requirements set forth by NYC DOB, per NYC DOB requirements.

To get started,

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  • +             Design of New Structures

    +             Functional Parking Design

    +             Existing Condition Assessment Surveys

    +             Durable Repair Design, Phasing, & Monitoring

    +             Order of Magnitude Repair & Maintenance Values

    +             Construction Administration


  • +             Precast Concrete

    +             Post-Tensioned Concrete

    +             Cast-In-Place Concrete

    +             Brick & Stone

    +             Structural Steel

    +             Metal & Glass Curtain Wall