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Dayton Avenue Educational Campus

Passaic, NJ

4-story, 448,000 SF, steel-framed PK-8 school facility for 3,000 students consisting of four schools:

Abraham Lincoln School: 28 classrooms, 3 specialized rooms, and a courtyard.

Mahatma Gandhi Elementary School: 33 general classrooms, 5 self-contained special education classrooms, science labs, media center, music room, and gym.

Ellen Ochoa Gifted and Talented Academy: 28 general classrooms, 3 self-contained special educational class-rooms, science labs, art room, dance studio, vocal music room, media center, and cafeteria.

Muhammad Ali Middle School: 27 general classrooms, six self-contained special education classrooms, science labs, project labs, gym, cafeteria, and art rooms.

The four schools are interconnected to form a single building on a 12-acre campus and feature shared centralized facilities.

Structural System