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2000 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA

O’Donnell & Naccarato provided engineering services for the façade repairs of a 29-story office building in the heart of Philadelphia. The rehabilitation program followed an assessment that identified failed sealant at the perimeter of metal panels and glazing. Our repairs included collaboration with the contractor on each swing drop to identify areas of failed sealant that needed to be replaced. This approach allowed us to serve the client by replacing failed sealant, addressing leaks through failed sealants and gaskets, and implementing a phased sealant replacement program to accommodate our client’s budget for the building. The project finished on budget while reviewing nearly 38 miles of existing sealant.

Structural System

Composite concrete slab with steel beam and column framing

Building Height/# of Floors

435′-0″ and 29 floors

Façade Material

Anodized aluminum curtain wall panels