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Shippan Landing

Stamford, CT

O’Donnell & Naccarato is currently providing engineering services for the façade rehabilitation of a five-building office complex. The rehabilitation program is following a comprehensive assessment of the campus facades to identify the source of water infiltration. O&N was contacted to assist our client who experienced water infiltration through isolated locations on the facade during wind-driven rain events. Phase one of the work is currently underway to address the most severe facade deficiencies that includes: brick deficiencies, inadequate flashing installations, failed sealants, and failing window gaskets. Our initial assessment consisted of a combination of up-close investigation via rope access, exploratory probes, forensic ASTM water infiltration testing, and an extensive review of the original design documents. Our report recommended reconfiguration of through-wall masonry flashing, isolated brick masonry repairs, isolated cast stone coping repairs, and 100% sealant replacement with improvements to improve inadequate joint design. Our phased repair plan includes performing the repairs while the buildings are occupied and minimizing disruption to the building occupants.

Structural System

Composite concrete slab with steel beam and column framing.

Building Height/# of Stories

60′-75′ and 5 stories

Façade Material

Clay brick cavity wall with cast stone accents.