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Wanamaker Garage

Philadelphia, PA

O’Donnell and Naccarato assisted the Wanamaker building infill two levels of retail space openings in 1989 to add parking below the existing National Historic Building. Recently, O’Donnell & Naccarato assisted with the rehabilitation of the three level below grade parking garage. Following years of performing significant structural repairs to parking garage, O’Donnell and Naccarato was retained to perform a comprehensive assessment of the garage and develop a rehabilitation program to coincide with building capital improvements. The rehabilitation included assisting the owner with phasing to allow for partial operation of the facility and to implement repairs and improvements such as a new traffic bearing membrane. The project completed on time within the one year period and was on within the owners.

Structural System

One-way cast in place reinforced concrete slab

Number of Levels and Spaces

3 levels / 470 Spaces