Two Liberty Place

Location: Philadelphia, PA

O'Donnell & Naccarato provided building management with phased facade inspection at Two Liberty Place to proactively comply with the Philadelphia facade inspection ordinance and budget capital for future improvements. At 848ft., the 58-story steel and blue glass skyscraper is the third tallest building in the city. While the tower's appearance is more squat with less gabled setbacks in its spire than One Liberty Place, the taller and more angular of the matching pair, Two Liberty provides roughly the same amount of interior space at 1,200,000 SF. At Two Liberty's base, the towers are joined by a 2-story, 143,000 SF shopping mall topped with a glass dome roof.

Above the 58th floor where the sloped glazing prohibits the use of the tower's built-in swing system, our team utilized rope descent equipment to inspect the facade, exiting through the maintenance hatch located in the spire and rappelling down the sloped glazing to the 46th floor balconies below.

Two Liberty Place Wallpaper