Wishing Peggy Hart A Wonderful Retirement

It is difficult to encapsulate in just a few words the legacy of a woman as intelligent and impactful as Peggy Hart. Though she does not self-identify as a trailblazer, the label fits. Peggy entered the workforce 40 years ago at a time when the AEC industry was still heavily male-dominated. In each of her roles from Bookkeeper to Chief Financial Officer, Peggy committed herself fully to O&N’s financial health and the personal well-being of its staff. She shepherded the firm through its best and most difficult periods relying on her trademark discipline and keen insight to successfully navigate acquisitions and spin-offs, the transition to employee stock ownership, and multiple economic downturns, including the Great Recession.

Peggy Hart, CFO Awards - O'Donnell & Naccarato Structural Engineers

Peggy’s many contributions have not gone unnoticed. Last July, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Philadelphia Business Journal – an award that honors the “best and the brightest: executives that exemplify the professionalism, integrity, resilience, and mastery of all the financial and people skills that make a great CFO.”

Peggy’s O&N family would like to express its sincere gratitude for her many years of service and wish her a wonderful (and much deserved) retirement. It is our hope that she embraces life’s next chapter with the same passion she brought to the office each and every day.